The 5 Best Parks and Hiking Spots in Reston, Virginia


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Did you know that getting outdoors is one of the healthiest things you can do for both your mentality and your physical wellness? Even just taking a walk and getting some sun on your face and fresh air in your lungs has been known to correlate to overall contentment and well-being. If you’re a resident of the Reston, Virginia area, you’re in luck. There are many great spots to hike and a handful of parks in the area to enjoy, especially now that it’s the summertime. Get outside today!


1) Lake Fairfax Park

There’s so much to do at the always-beautiful Lake Fairfax Park! Bring a blanket and some food to have the perfect picnic, or bring a soccer ball to kick around the field. There is a lot of shade, and many places to sit and relax. Walk around if you desire some light exercise. There’s even a water park and campsites to take advantage of. It’s the perfect place to bring your family or enjoy a day with friends.


2) Sugarland Run Stream Valley Trail

If you’re looking for an awesome jogging and hiking trail, then look no further than Sugarland Run Stream Valley Trail. Get your daily dose of nature and challenge yourself on this great trail, which is perfect for both biking and walking!


3) Great Falls: Billy Goat Trail

Choose your skill level (A, B or C) and start your hike! Great Falls: Billy Goat Trail is a great place in Reston, Virginia to go for an adventurous summer hike. This versatile woodland spot is a beautiful experience to take in and a great photo opportunity for those who love getting that perfect Instagram shot. The best thing about this hiking destination is that it’s great for everyone, whether you are a first-time hiker or a seasoned trail veteran. Don’t forget to bring water, some snacks and sunscreen with you on your journey through the Great Falls.


4) Scott’s Run Nature Preserve

Nestled behind Georgetown Pike is Scott’s Run Nature Preserve. This beautiful park is great for a quick hike and picturesque scenery. There is plenty of nature to be experienced in this preserve. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person or a natural-born hiker, you’ll love this light introduction to the outdoors and hiking!


5) Great Falls Park

Great Falls Park is a popular destination in the Northern Virginia area for a summertime hike. There are many beautiful overlooks that provide a lovely view of the area and the falls. Whether you want to get your heart rate up for a challenging hike or experience a quaint nature walk, complete with a picnic, everyone in your family or group of friends will love Great Falls Park.


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