5 Staycation Ideas in Reston, VA


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Everyone loves going on a nice, long vacation to a new or foreign destination. Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life – not to mention financial constraints – that big, fancy vacation sometimes has to wait. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get away and do something fun nearby. This is called a “staycation,” a vacation of sorts in which you go out and do something new and fun in your very own town. If you live in Reston, Virginia, you have so much to do within the confines of the area. So get out and explore this weekend for your staycation!

1. Lake Fairfax Park

Lake Fairfax Park is an 18-acre park located in Reston, Virginia. When you get caught up in your daily life of going to work and coming home, you sometimes forget to step outside and relax. Lake Fairfield Park is the perfect place to do this if you are in need of a mini staycation. Bring a tent and camp, go kayaking on the lake or simply come to enjoy the scenic areas around the park. There is so much to do here that Lake Fairfax Park will feel like the perfect vacation destination, just a few minutes from your home in Reston.

2. Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole

It’s just about summertime and that means you will absolutely want to cool off at Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole! This local favorite is a water park full of pools, waterslides, splash areas and zones for strictly relaxing. Make believe that you are somewhere tropical without having to leave Reston. This water park is the perfect destination if you want to cool off and share some laughs with friends or family.

3. Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Surf Reston hosts awesome stand-up paddle boarding lessons and rentals in lakes around the Reston, Virginia community. Head over to Lake Anne, Lake Audubon, Lake Newport or Lake Thoreau during scheduled hours for a fun time out on the water. Surf Reston hosts lessons in paddle boarding, various excursions, paddle board yoga and more. Surf Reston will provide everything you need to have an amazing time out on the water while learning a fun new hobby!

4. North Hills Picnic Pavilion

The Reston Parks Department offers a variety of picnic pavilions to host events or relax for the day. This is a fun idea for a big group of friends looking to host a potluck, barbecue or simply enjoy food together in nature. The North Hills Picnic Pavilion is one of our favorites, offering a nice big space with grills, bathrooms and lots of tables in the middle of beautiful scenery. Make an entire day out of your staycation in Reston by reserving your pavilion of choice and enjoying food, music, dance and recreational activities in the great outdoors with your closest friends.

5. Make it a Spa Day

Do you need true relaxation and “me time” during your staycation? Say no more. The Red Door Salon and Spa is one of the top spas in the region, and it is located right here in Reston, Virginia. Enjoy everything from body wraps, to massage, to facials, hair styling and makeup at Red Door Salon! This community favorite offers absolutely everything you will need to relax and feel rejuvenated for the upcoming week – just as if you have been on a long, tropical vacation.

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