5 Easy Upgrades for Your Apartment

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When moving into any new apartment, the space may feel a lot like a blank canvas. Apartments are often very blank because there will always be someone new moving in. With so many different tastes, it is best for the resident to decide how he or she wants the apartment to look, not the landlord or rental company. At Lerner Springs at Reston, we want you to be able to make the most of your space. However, most residents don’t want to make expensive apartment upgrades to a rental, as it will have to be returned to its original state when they move. Here are some of the top ways to easily upgrade your apartment.

Make the Space Look Bigger

We would all love to have a giant floor plan to play with, but apartment living often means residents need to get creative to make their space look expansive. There are some simple tricks you can use to make your space look larger than it really is. Start by incorporating furniture that is the same color as your walls. For example, if you have light walls, try to stick with a light-colored couch and furniture. You may also want to incorporate mirrors to create an optical illusion of your space being larger than it really is. Mirrors also serve as décor, so you will kill two birds with one stone!

Another way to make your space seem bigger is to introduce vertical shelving to your walls. This means installing shelves to take up the vertical space on a wall. Vertical shelves create the illusion that your walls are longer. Put things you want on display on your shelves, and find a storage area (such as under your bed) for other items to reduce overall clutter and open up your space.

Embrace Minimalist Design

Minimalism is very “in” right now in apartment and home décor communities. Minimalism involves decluttering your space and keeping all décor simple, understated and minimal. You can achieve this look by keeping your space organized and tidy, sticking with a monochromatic color scheme, and always keeping décor simple. You will be surprised to learn that “less is more” in upgrading your apartment, especially when it comes to a well-thought-out overall design.

Bring the Outside, Indoors

Another favorite of ours for upgrading an apartment space is bringing the outdoors, in. Because apartments tend to be smaller spaces, it is easy for them to feel stuffy. Apartment dwellers can combat this with fresh greenery within their space. There are so many types of indoor plants that work great in apartments and work as a natural filtration system for air. Plants’ bright colors also are optimal for brightening up the space. If you know you don’t have a green thumb, try incorporating a succulent or two within your home, as those only need a tiny bit of water every couple of weeks!

Upgrade Your Window Treatment

Want to make a difference that will really impress your guests? Consider updating your window treatments. At Lerner Springs at Reston, most of our apartments come with basic blinds. Some of our residents choose to remove the blinds and use drapes or curtains instead. This allows the resident to choose a fabric and color that best fits their overall décor. You won’t believe what a difference this small update can make to your space!

Add New Lighting

Everyone is different when it comes to their personal lighting preferences. If the lightbulbs aren’t quite the right light you need, change them to something more comfortable for you. Another option is to incorporate a pretty floor lamp in the living room, and desk lamps in other rooms within your space. The added light will allow you to customize the type of lighting you are hoping to achieve within your space so that it feels more like “home.”

Learn More About Your Future Apartment

Need to find the perfect apartment? At Lerner Springs at Reston, we offer ideal apartments with ample space in an excellent location. Check out our floorplans to determine which space is right for you. Learn more about making Lerner Springs at Reston your future home by contacting us today.

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