5 Tips for Repurposing a Closet

Repurposing a closet

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Living in an apartment means learning how to get creative, from how you choose to decorate your space to the way you make use of what you have. Closets are often underestimated and ever-present small spaces that every apartment contains, serving as the ideal place to switch around and make your very own. Depending on your lifestyle and what interests you the most, below are five clever tips for apartment-renters who want to repurpose their closets.


1.    Create a little library.

Book lovers will finally have a little slice of heaven to call their own, and a place to display and organize their countless novels and pieces of literature. Purchase about five or six floating shelves from any home improvement store to mount on each wall. If the apartment closet already comes with shelving, even better. If you don’t want to show your books off that way, invest in a few cheap shelving units and nestle the books inside. Want to go the extra mile? Hang up printables of your favorite book quotes, or frame artwork from your favorite illustrators.


2.    Make it a place for relaxation.

Taking a much more comfortable approach to Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs, turn your closet into a miniature, cozy hideaway. Start off by laying a shaggy, soft carpet that covers most of the flooring – especially if it is hardwood. Pillows and blankets come next, which can be arranged in two of the corners. If you want to go all out, outline the perimeter of the closet. Scatter around some fleece blankets, throws and comforters, keeping an extra stash available for anyone else who wants to enjoy your new new space for some sweet R & R.


3.    Dream up an arts and crafts room.

Whether you’ve been on board with the do-it-yourself movement, have recently taken up sewing or have a crazy amount of crafting supplies, an arts and crafts nook is a simple remedy for a small, unused closet. Hang fabrics, color coordinate thread and stash away your hot glue gun, scissors, glitter and every other handy tool you’ve got in your collection in bins – and atop the shelves – in your closet. Depending on the size, you can even place a smaller-sized chair and end table in it for a place to sit and work on all of your projects.


4.    Build a small-scale mudroom.

Although some apartments can have some useful amenities, not all contain mudrooms. If you’ve got a closet located near the entryway of your apartment, you can actually turn that into space for you and your guests to store all of your dirty shoes, wet umbrellas, jackets and hoodies. Fill your closet with a patterned rug, an umbrella holder and some extra hangers to get the job done. If you want to get in on the latest trend, place a cube shelving unit inside of it, too, filling a few shelves with wicker baskets to disguise extra entryway clutter in a pretty way.


5.    Invent a home office.

Working from home has become more and more common, especially for those who tend to accomplish more work in the comfort of their own home. If you spend most of your time working from home – or if you’re a student who needs a more private place to get their homework done – consider turning one of your closets into an adorably cozy home office. This is an ingenius way for people whose apartment floor plan consists of one or two bedrooms that have already been accounted for. Look around furniture stores and thrift shops for a desk that will allow for some extra room, purchase a computer chair – or upholstered chair, depending on your preference – and arrange and display your office supplies in a way that inspires your productivity. If you desperately need to charge your laptop, smartphone or tablet, but your closet doesn’t have an outlet, just run an extension cord to the nearest one!


Regardless of how big or small your place is, these tips for repurposing a closet are universally handy for anyone who leases an apartment – especially if you’re renting at the beautiful Lerner Springs at Reston. An enchanting garden community inside the charming wooded town of Reston, Virginia, each one of the apartment floor plans offers closets with an ample amount of space – and a large amount of square footage overall. This is just one of the many perks people get when they rent at Lerner Springs at Reston, in addition to private balconies and patios, modern appliances and a convenient location near public transportation and local shopping centers. Contact us at 703-348-0166 to learn more.

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