Tips for a Smooth Move-In at Lerner Springs at Reston


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How to Have an Easy Move-In Day


While moving into your new apartment is an exciting experience, it can also be a bit stressful. Many problems tend to arise during a big day! From unorganized boxes to last minute packing, you’re going to want to plan your move far in advance so no major problems occur on move in day. To help prevent these problems from happening, here are some tips to make your move-in day as enjoyable as possible.


Tip 1 – Gather Your Team


Days before your move-in date, there are many different things you should do when preparing for the big day. Things such as forwarding your mail, getting packing supplies and changing over your utilities, the list seems to be endless. Gather together all your packing materials such as boxes, tape, scissors, etc. as well as the people who are going to help you. Moving can’t be a one-person job; having that support system behind you will be extremely helpful!


Tip 2 – Hire a Truck


Unless you already own a large truck or know someone who does, you will need to rent a moving truck. Getting this all set and squared away before moving in alleviates a lot of stress and running around right before move-in. Taking a DIY approach may not be your best bet, especially if this is your first time moving or are moving across state lines. Having a few friends with big cars or pickup trucks doesn’t hurt, either! If you’re a student, be sure to ask if the company you are renting a truck from offers any student discounts.


Tip 3 – Inspect Your New Apartment Before You Settle


Before you put all your new things into your new apartment, make sure you do a walk around first. Start by checking to see if there is any unlisted prior damage so you won’t be charged for it. In addition, make sure all the electrical outlets work along with checking the bathroom. Make sure while you’re in the bathroom you check for mold, running water and the shower/bathtub. You don’t want to fully move in and then be stuck with all these extra problems.


Tip 4 – Be Patient


If you plan on moving in with a few roommates or a significant other, tensions can get high on who gets what room and what the layout of shared spaces should look like. Coordinating with everyone before the move will demolish most of these tensions; assigning each person a role smoothens the procedure as well. With anxiety being through the roof – you don’t want any major arguments breaking out right in the middle of moving, delaying the process and causing some serious problems.


Tip 5 – Make Sure You Have Boxes


Sadly, moving companies do not supply you with all the boxes you need. As if the cost of moving and getting a new apartment wasn’t enough – you need to purchase your own boxes. It is better to get new boxes than reuse old ones because the old ones won’t be as sturdy as they once were. You don’t want anything falling through or breaking! In addition, don’t forget about the bubble wrap and ropes. You will only cause yourself more stress if you get to your new apartment and find out half of your belongings are shattered.


Apartments in Reston, Virginia


When you’re looking for a new apartment in Virginia, specifically the Reston area; check out the prime locations Lerner has to offer. Take a virtual tour today or give us a call at (703)-348-0166.

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