The Ultimate Apartment Hunting Checklist

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Hunting for the perfect apartment can be tough. There are many different factors including pricing, location, and amenities that need to be considered before making that final decision. Here is the ultimate apartment-hunting checklist to make sure you are prepared in your quest to buy the perfect apartment.

Make Sure all the Furniture Fits

Bring a tape measure with you to make sure all of your big furniture fits through the doors. You don’t want to break your back carrying a giant couch or piano to find out that it won’t even fit through the door. Making sure everything fits ahead of time will take the burden off your body.

Winter is Cheaper

Lease an apartment during the winter, preferably during the months of November, December or January. The rent prices are the lowest during this period. If you have to move in the summer, sign a six-month lease and start searching for apartments in October. Rent can get pretty steep, so you want to make sure you live in a place that is affordable.

Talk to Friends and Family

Tell everyone you know you are looking to buy an apartment. Networking is the best way to find a lead. One of your family members or friends might know someone who can get you a great deal. Word of mouth is the best way to find a great apartment.

Check the Phone Reception

Take out your cell phone and check the reception in every room of the apartment. Make a few test calls to make sure every room has good reception. Having to go outside every time you make a call is the last thing you want to do.

Be the Perfect Candidate

Approach the apartment hunting experience the same way you would for a job interview. Landlords can get stressed too, so prove that you are the perfect tenant by showing up on time and being professional. The landlord will want to rent the place out to you.

Discover the Hidden Costs

Always remember to ask questions about costs that are not included with the rent. Ask whether or not certain utilities are included. Ask if there will be a fee for amenities or parking. You don’t want to purchase an apartment only to later discover all these extra expenditures you didn’t know about.

Use all the Search Methods

Search craigslist, find a local real estate agent, and drive around different neighborhoods. Try everything to maximize the best options out there. Even in today’s digital age, many landlords are still relying on signs in windows, flyers on walls and bulletin boards, and word of mouth.

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