Nightlife Spots to Check Out in Reston, VA

Beginning around 7 p.m. and lasting into the wee hours of dawn lies a popular time zone known to the revelers as nightlife. If you’re new or curious about the nightlife scene in Reston, let us shed some light on your innocence. After all, Reston is one of the kingpins for North Virginian nightlife.


For a recommendation of nightlife spots to check out in or around Reston, VA, please finish your reading…

Reston Town Center

To keep make things easy to follow, let’s start with the town center and work our way up. The Reston Town Center might not seem like a nightlife venue, but it is. If you’re looking to meet new people, have a nice chit chat, and take part in a generally good time, then don’t be fast to dismiss the mall. It’s not exclusive to high schoolers by any means. It’s actually quite the opposite. When you go to the town center, wander around a bit, and make your way to one of the nicer restaurants during a Friday night, you will find it’s extremely popular amongst adults. It’s pretty happening on a weekend evening, so don’t knock it until you try it.

Bars & Lounges in Reston

Moving right along, you should also know that there are popular bars and lounges that typically dominate Reston’s late night, party scape. Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern in Herndon is loads of fun. It’s only a few miles outside of Reston and it’s surely worth the gas money. For a place with personality, Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern is a cozy, locals gathering, which habitually doubles as an outpost for Buffalo sports fans where customers can enjoy draft beers, pool, and delicious bar food at a vintage tavern. Meaning, this is an especially great nightlife option for anyone who is new to the area and looking to meet new friends.

For a spot around the corner from Jimmy’s that’s a bit more upscale, there’s always the Ice House Cafe &Oyster Bar. They have live jazz music and swing bands. We’ve heard nothing but great things about this venue. But let’s mix it up and switch gears for a second. Let’s step away from the bar scene and into our favorite lounges. One of our absolute favorites is The Soundry in Vienna. It’s a nice place to meet folks from Reston and its surrounding areas, especially people into the local art scene. Soundry is an old garage that was flipped into an artsy, nightlife café. If you plan on going to Soundry, you can expect to experience many open mic nights, comedy nights, talk shows, and all kinds of other weekly features.


Hands down, we’d have to say “Icon’s” in Fairfax is the best nightclub around. Icon’s attracts a mixed crowd and it’s been a local favorite for years. Another nightclub that worth visiting is “Breakers Sky Lounge”. You can look forward to drinking all night for around $35-bucks, live bands, poker games, or good old karaoke!

A Relaxing Night Spot

This last place isn’t a bar, lounge, nightclub, or any of that. Lake Anne has a little bit of everything. The atmosphere at Lake Anne includes a sports bar called Kalypso’s, a coffee shop, an amazing bookstore, sushi cuisine, and other delicious restaurants. It is perfect for a more relaxed night out.

Although its nightlife scene is similar to big-city living due to local influences like Washington DC, Reston is very suburban in its overall character. Nonetheless, Reston is a fun town with lots of nightlife action. No one can argue that! Whether hoping to relocate from across the country or just looking to switch neighborhoods, Lerner Springs at Reston has the home for you! Call us today at 703.348.0166 to learn more about our luxurious apartment homes.

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