Apartment Furniture You Should Invest in Right Now

Lerner Springs At Reston has a lot to offer our residents, but it is always fun to spice up the look of your apartment with fun furniture. Besides taking advantage of our manyapartment amenities, we have some great design tips for you. If you could use a little inspiration or a new look, here are some must-have apartment furniture pieces you should invest in right now!

A Good Mattress

There are certain ways to budget and cut costs on apartment expenses. However, do not cut costs when it comes to your mattress. Your bed is somewhere you sleep every night and look to for ultimate comfort. It’s where you stay when you aren’t feeling up to par or want to stay in for the night and watch movies. For those reasons, we suggest investing in a great bed. The best part is you can still find a good mattress at affordable prices. Memory foam mattresses have been reported as the highest in comfort.

Open Shelving

A metal shelving unit for extra storage in the kitchen gives such a modern look. We pride ourselves on the fully equipped kitchens and abundant closet spaces in the Lerner Springs at Reston apartment homes, but we all know you can never have enough storage. Plus, these cool metal shelving units are purely for the look. You can put anything you want here, whether is your kitchen appliances, dishes, or food to be displayed. Even Amazon feels our love for these industrial-like shelves.

hallImage via The Springs at Reston

Storage Ottomans

This is one of the best ways to be completely stylish, but have hidden storage your guests will never see. You can use storage ottomans for just about anything you have laying around in the living room. Do you dislike the ugly sight of unorganized DVDs and CDs on the shelf? Just stick them inside the ottoman and you’ll never have to see them again. Target has a ton of storage ottomans in all different sizes for great prices.

Multi-Functional Pieces

Always keep your eye out for up and coming furniture ideas that are new to the market. Furniture ideas like the “Coffee Bench” can make everyday tasks that much easier. How great would it be to have this out on your balcony to lounge and still be able to get work done when needed? Or are you looking for ways to accommodate more guests for the night? Stylish futons like this one from Urban Outfitters are a great option to have in your apartment. The idea is to make the most of your space. Furniture pieces with more than one purpose are the best way to go for smaller spaces.

main_hallImage via The Springs at Reston

If these new furniture ideas aren’t enough for you, make sure to check out all of our community amenities too. With a picnic area, children’s play area, easy access to downtown shopping, dining, and entertainment, plus a community pool, you will always have something to do. If you are not necessarily the designer type, Lerner Springs at Reston offers pre-furnished apartments for your convenience. Anything you need, we try to provide it. There is so much more you can have in your hands right here at The Springs At Reston.

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