4 Bedroom Ideas for Your Apartment

There are always ways to spruce up your apartment if you are in a designer mood. It’s even easier to do when you have so many apartment amenities to take advantage of. Lerner Springs at Reston features abundant closet space, equipped kitchens with modern appliances, and huge floor plans. But today, we are talking about the most important room in the apartment: the bedroom. This is where you lay your head at night after a stressful day at work, or perhaps want to just find an escape for a night. With a bedroom designed to your liking, a relaxing night always lies ahead. Here are a few bedroom ideas to add some great interior designing to your apartment:

Add Draperies Around Your Bed

The canopy bed look is one of the most elegant ways to spruce up your apartment home in Reston, VA. This will give your entire bedroom a luxurious feel without having to go broke. The easiest way to add draperies around your bed is to purchase some curtain rods to either hang or mount from your ceiling. This idea adds height to your bedroom and makes it appear much larger and cozier. This is a go-to design for residents who love to cuddle up in the bed and escape from the outside world for the night.

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Purchase a House Plant

Why would you want a houseplant in your apartment? Its just another thing you have to take care of, right? We happen to think they are very much worth the once per week watering needed. Houseplants are great for many reason and they will add a gleaming effect to your bedroom. Houseplants are known to create fresher air around the apartment, reduce stress levels, and add beautiful design features to your home. You can always purchase one at theHome Depot garden center for very reasonable prices. Place it in your window in your bedroom for a clean new feeling.

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Use Geometrical Paint Designs

Although its definitely more of a challenge, the steps aren’t entirely too hard. It’s all based on your use of duct tape to act as guide lines of where you are going to paint the design. Just make sure you always wear a painting mask, because we care about your safety.With a fun paint design, you can avoid all of the complications that come with wallpaper and are able to incorporate some creativity within your bedroom. Adding design to your walls is always a great idea if you’re looking to try something new. Of course, it is always much appreciated to return the wall colors back to white if you plan on leaving us at Lerner Springs at Reston.

Rearrange the Furniture

Rearranging the furniture in your bedroom makes you feel like you’re in a totally new apartment with same old comforting feeling. By rearranging, you may discover a better layout that is more suitable to your needs. Rearrange your bed in the most desired place and then work from there. After all, the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the room- and usually the biggest. And to pull it all together, a new duvet cover and fresh sheets always complete the new furniture arrangement. Lastly, hang a chalkboard right next to your bed to write inspirational quotes or daily goals to come home today. Bedroom update complete!

We are positive these new designs will have you falling in love with your apartment all over again. Sometimes we just need to change things up to reach our true happiness. Having a bedroom you love to go home to each day is a huge factor in your happiness factor and at Lerner Springs at Reston we love to see you have that. Visit our website for more ideas in our photo gallery.

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